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NBLSA November Member Spotlight

Noe Merfled

Undergraduate Institution: University of Washington

Hometown: Seattle, WA

Law School: Seattle University School of Law

Why is NBLSA important to you?

​Joining Seattle’s BLSA chapter was necessary to me in order to gain and contribute to a support system of Black law students. I became a NBLSA member because my personal goals aligned with the mission of NBLSA. 

What is one of your favorite NBLSA attended events?

My favorite event that my chapter hosts yearly is the BLSA Black Graduation. This event gives BLSA students the opportunity to network with Black alumni and legal professionals throughout Washington State. This year I attended the BLSA Black Graduation where I bid farewell to my 3L mentors. I was honored to receive not only an internship opportunity at the graduation, but in addition was inducted as the 2018-2019 BLSA Chapter President.  


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