The governance of WRBLSA is structured similar to that of the federal, state, and local governments of the United States of America. The national governing documents are the NBLSA Constitution and the NBLSA Bylaws. There are also NBLSA Bylaws created specifically for Pre-Law chapters. The Western Region is governed by the WRBLSA Constitution, supplemented by the WRBLSA Bylaws. Additionally, each local BLSA chapter is expected to promulgate and abide by their own Chapter Constitution and Chapter Bylaws. 

The NBLSA and WRBLSA governing documents can be found by clicking on the buttons below. The NBLSA and WRBLSA governing documents are reviewed and revised every year during the plenary sessions of their respective Regional Conventions. 

If you local chapter does not have its own Constitution or Bylaws, or if your chapter needs to have its governing documents reviewed, please email the WRBLSA Parliamentarian, Kiana Caton, at 

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